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my name is shelley, i'm a 21 year old cis girl, white, biromantic, grayace college student. I use she/her pronouns. this blog is half fandom, half social justice. I like lots of fandoms so it's kind of a multi fandom thing, but mostly doctor who and harry potter and marvel. Oh and I'm a feminist who believes in intersectionality and a crusader for justice.

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you don’t hug asexuals

you embrace them


so like

what the fuck did lydia do to wake deaton up from his coma


screamed probably.  i assume the banshee scream woke him up.

Wow okay you people talking about the teen wolf meta tag are so right.  It’s literally nothing but ‘Scott is going to turn evil’ and ‘Deaton may have done a good thing but I don’t trust him’ like fandom could you be any more racist?

:’D is this person following you?

I don’t think so?  Actually no not at all.  Good lord why are boys so thirsty all the time?

slowlypushing asked: You look lovely. Hope you are having a good day. Maybe, if you have time, we could chat. Kik or snapchat? Well, later beautiful.


Anonymous asked: I saw your post about 'who are the other bezerkers.' A lot of people think its Erica and Boyd

Nope.  Nope.  In my headcanon land Erica and Boyd are actually alive and they’re off in London pestering Jackson.  Isaac is also there.  Ethan and Danny will join them after their trip to Spain.

First day of school selfie

I…don’t…get…the end of this episode.  Is Kate turning Scott into a Berserker?  How does that happen?  If that’s how they’re made then who are the other berserkers?  Why does she want his friends to kill him?  What does that accomplish?  I thought Peter wanted to be the one to kill him so he could be the alpha?  Couldn’t Scott’s pack smell him?  If he alpha roared wouldn’t Liam know it was him?

Jeff please stop this shitty writing and give me answers.